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Visiting Banff?

Do The Banff Walk. Authentic & fun!

Walk with us when you visit Banff. Our unique, guided walking tours are an authentic and unforgettable way to start your adventure. These walks take place within the town of Banff, Alberta – inside Banff National Park. Take in the beauty that surrounds you here.

Walk Banff in the company of a local guide, in a small group. We are a locally owned company, here to delight visitors as we help them learn about and experience this awe-inspiring place. Pick a date and our guides are ready to help you make the most of your itinerary in Banff.

Our walks are an outdoor activity that you can enjoy in Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. Connect to nature ... or re-connect, in any season. These guided walks will awaken your senses ... one step at a time.

When you visit Banff, the first thing to do is The Banff Walk. You'll know.

Our scheduled walking tours typically have a limit of about eight adult participants. You can reserve a ticket as an individual, a couple, a family or a group of friends/colleagues. We welcome all ages on most of our walks. Private tours are available for groups – ideal for conference attendees or their spouses.

You'll find accessible family-friendly fun. We reveal local legends and landmarks, environment, arts and culture, and the heritage of the Bow River Valley. We inspire exploration. Daily scheduled departures on foot from downtown with reservation.

VISITOR TIP! Visitors to Banff National Park require a Park Pass. Day passes or full-year Discovery Passes are available when you enter the Banff National Park gates, at Visitor Centres in Banff and Lake Louise and from Banff & Lake Louise Tourism. These passes help to support important facilities and visitor services within the park. Don't have your Banff Park Pass yet? Buy it here.

Online bookings open NOW for June, 2018 walking tours.

Call us at 403 760 1166 for more details or to book a private tour.


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Scheduled Walking Tours + Private Tours in Banff

Walk the Town of Banff – Inside Banff National Park

All of our guided walking tours are focused on helping you get the most from your visit. They're a natural complement to this area's incredible activities and attractions. We'll help you "get your bearings" as we explore Banff and get you ready to kick-off your adventure.

Begin with our $30 Legends & Landmarks Walking Tour as a smart start to your visit. It’s our most popular scheduled tour and it's a great value. At about an hour long it's easy to fit into any busy itinerary. Our other tours bring you different perspectives on this charming town and its breathtaking surroundings. You can also book a private tour.

Mount Rundle and Bow River in Banff, Alberta.

Ask us about year-round private walking tours in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

See Banff with a Local Guide – We Walk the Talk

These are not hikes. Our locally guided walking tours take place within the Banff town site. Walk with us at a comfortable pace. Take in spectacular vistas while we give you a glimpse into Banff’s legendary legacy and vibrant modern life.

Browse our guided local walking tours and book online. They're a smart way to begin your visit and make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the beautiful town of Banff in historic Banff National Park.

VISITOR TIP FOR DOG LOVERS! Dogs are welcome on all of our walking tours, including public scheduled tours and private tours. All dogs in Banff National Park must be leashed and under control at all times, with restrictions to protect them, their human companions and wildlife. Bring your furry friends responsibly and join us!

History, culture, the environment and photo hotspots on The Banff Walk.

We'll show you Banff's best from a fresh perspective on The Banff Walk.

It's a Story on the Street

These are also not a stroll through the pages of a dusty history textbook, tripping over dates. Walk a beautiful route with an energetic local guide. Even our Spirits of the Past historical walking tour was created to give you meaningful insight into how events and lives of the past shaped Banff as we know it today.

We bring Banff to life in a current, integrated context. We'll connect you to the enduring awe of this place. You'll be entertained, educated, make lasting memories and even have a good laugh.

Our guides are natural storytellers who give a lively, insightful voice to this extraordinary destination … and our walking tours are a non-stop photo opportunity. It’s pure Rocky Mountain magic. Put yourself in the picture!

Classic Banff views from The Banff Walk

Join our local guides to visit Banff's photo hotspots on The Banff Walk – any season of the year.

VISITOR TIP! Banff boasts a deep, high-quality Rocky Mountain source for its famous drinking water. The Town of Banff discourages plastic water bottles. We also try to do our best to reduce environmental impacts in Banff National Park. Water bottle filling stations are conveniently positioned in several downtown Banff locations. Please bring your refillable water bottle when you do The Banff Walk – no plastic bottles to discard. Stay refreshed and enjoy!

Exploring Banff Made Easy

Are you a conference organizer or meeting planner? Visiting with a larger group, as a conference delegate or spouse? You bring the talk – we'll bring the walk. Ask us about private walking tours and team-building walking tours.

For inbound tour operators, we can help you make the most of your Banff itinerary with flexible private tours that create a memorable experience.

Are you an educator or business owner? Are you a Banff wedding planner or coming to Banff with a wedding party? We'll design a private, custom walking tour tailored to your group and agenda.

Make every step in Banff count. Join us to do THE Banff Walk!

Even Better Together

Walking Banff with a local guide is a brilliant way to start your Canadian Rockies adventure. The Banff Walk also pairs beautifully with authentic local experiences offered by our friends.

Looking for some fun further afield? The Banff Scooter Company can let you explore Vermilion Lakes, Mount Norquay, Lake Minnewanka, Tunnel Mountain and other nearby Rocky Mountain destinations with hourly or full-day rates. They even offer mobility scooters that you can book for your Banff Walk.

Hungry after a good walk? Chuck's Steakhouse – the Alberta beef experience is close to where most of our walks start and finish. They boast the only dry-aged Alberta beef in Banff. Your guide can even call in a reservation for you!

Wildlife Tours - We Don't Do It

If you're looking for a Banff wildlife tour, this isn't it.

The wild animals of Banff National Park are not part of this tour. Grizzly bears and black bears, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, moose or deer are not something you should expect to see.

We are asked frequently about these animals ... but we'd like to ask you to please set your expectations on Banff's spectacular scenery, culture, geography, legends and history ... and not on their private lives.

These wild creatures may venture into the town of Banff and into the walking-tour paths we take, but they are not something we promise to our guests. We do our best to avoid them.

If finding wildlife in Banff is something you're looking for, we're happy to talk about that (we can name living and legendary individual bears for you), but please don't book a walking tour with us if that is what you're hoping to find.

If we see a large animal, we may often back away. If your guide turns your tour around because an animal is in the way, please understand.

If you don't take our tour, even if you see a deer in the town of Banff, please leave it alone and don't box it in on two sides on a path, street, alley, driveway, parking lot or other space. Deer are more patient and accommodating than we are, but if you block their path you are likely bothering them and you may be hurt.

We're hoping that we can give you a perspective on Banff and Banff National Park that will situate you to deeply appreciate these animals without exploiting them, encroaching on them or even encountering them for a selfie.

Instagram actively discourages animal selfies. Photos like these kill animals. In 2017, an elk in the town of Banff died after attempts to photograph it. Other animals have perished here after encounters with people.

Spectacular wildlife photography often involves an enthusiastic photographer pursuing or encountering a less-than-enthusiastic wild animal subject. Stunning wildlife photos always reward the photographer – never the animal superstar. We'll discuss that with you on The Banff Walk.

We hope that you'll find an awesome, captivating and inspiring experience on our walk with Banff's majestic scenery and legends and local insight – all animal-free.

If you are looking for a Banff wildlife tour that may give you a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse at these wild creatures in a safer setting, we're happy to recommend the very best!

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Terms and Important Information

Please read this information carefully. Booking and paying for a Banff Walk Inc. guided walking tour indicates that you have read and understand this information and agree to these terms.

You are booking a walking tour with Banff Walk Inc., doing business as Banff Walk.

These are paid, guided walking tours in Banff. They are not hikes and they are not self-guided tours.

Prices shown for scheduled public walking tours are per person and are subject to applicable tax. The scheduled walking tours shown on this website are all open to the public.

Prices shown for private walking tours are per group – a maximum of eight adults.

Inclusion in our walking tours is through a reservation and purchase of a ticket. Tickets are not exchangeable and are refundable only at our discretion if weather conditions result in a delayed, postponed or cancelled tour.

Our walks take place in public spaces within the Town of Banff and Banff National Park.

These walking tours do not include admission to any Banff or Parks Canada attractions or facilities.

An important reminder from Parks Canada that all participants, as visitors to Banff National Park, require a Park Pass.

Wear comfortable footwear, appropriate for walking the distances indicated.

We strive for accessibility. Kindly let us know if you use a mobility aid. We will do our best to ensure that you can complete the tour comfortably.

On our Legends & Landmarks Walking Tour and our Bow Falls Vista Walking Tour, all participants ages 13 and older must have a confirmed reservation and ticket. Children 12 and under are free with a confirmed reservation and ticket, but must be accompanied by an adult (18+). There is a limit of one child per paid adult on these tours, please.

Our Rise & Shine Guided Fitness Walk and Spirits of the Past Walking Tours are for ages 14+, please.

Price, availability and routes of all walking tours are subject to change without notice.

In the interest of the safety and well-being of our Banff Walk team members and our walking-tour attendees, we reserve the right to remove any participant from any of our walking tours. If it is our perception that an individual attendee or group of attendees are intoxicated or otherwise impaired, they will be removed from the tour immediately.

By booking a walking tour, you agree that you and any members of your group for whom you are making a reservation are capable of participating in this activity given the distances and terrain indicated.

We reserve the right to modify the departure time or route of any walking tour at any time at our sole discretion. Reasons for this could include Town of Banff or Parks Canada actions such as road closures or trail closures, construction, emergency services responses, unexpected barriers or hazards along our route, wildfires, waterway flooding or other causes not noted above that are beyond our control.

We reserve the right to delay, postpone or cancel due to weather conditions. Should weather prompt the delay, postponement or cancellation of a walking tour, we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible ahead of time to allow for alternate arrangements or a full refund.

It is your responsibility to provide us with a way to reach you. It is important that you provide us with a mobile number when you book your walking tour, so you may be called or sent a text if necessary.


Thanks for popping by!

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